New World Mortgage focuses on assisting you with the right mortgage loan programs in the fastest time possible without compromising ‘attention to detail’.

Finding Your Home

Looking for the right home can be a daunting task if nobody is by your side guiding you along the way. We are here to help you each step of the process, and with many years of experience we have streamlined an efficient method of singling out the properties you like.

Time Sensitive Work

Receiving your loan on time will no longer be a worry as our team works in a timely fashion to ensure that all our customers’ needs are being fulfilled on time. Since certain tasks must be completed by a certain deadline to ensure you receive your loan, we make those tasks a priority.

Genuine Customer Relations

We pride ourselves on not only professionally working with our clients, but also learning about their needs and personality. This is why we mold each relationship to be unique to your needs as we understand that no ones home buying approach is the exact same.

Boutique operations

We are happy to be a smaller, boutique business within the mortgage industry as we truly have personal relationship with our clients. This leads to us to having the ability of listening more patiently to the details you have for the home you’ve been dreaming of.

Conventional Home Loans

If you need a loan that is of an entity other than the federal government, then a conventional loan is the type of loan you seek. The rate may either be fixed, or adjustable and the maximum loan that can be offered is all relative to the area in which you live.
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Government Home Loans

If you are looking for a government loan such as one that is insured by the Federal Housing Administration then look no further. With these type of loans, the person borrowing the money pays for mortgage insurance as well in order to protect the lender from a loss.
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Home Loan Refinancing

Whether you are seeking to obtain a better rate on your mortgage or want to pull out equity from your home, then refinancing your home loan may be the best option for you. We are here to make all the technicalities more understandable to you.
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Meet Our Team

Because with all of our efforts put together, the engine that is our business runs more smoothly.


Luz Lluncor
Branch Manager


Marie Tejeda
Production Manager


Cesar Lluncor
Executive Assistant


Patty Mejia
Production Assistant/Sr. Processor

About Us

Ericka Saenz | CalBre# 01432189
Ericka Saenz | CalBre# 01432189 Century-21-Jervis-&-Associates-(Ericka-S)-200Century 21 Jervis & Associates
As a Realtor, it is difficult to find a Mortgage Lender as passionate in helping Families as I am. Luz Lluncor and her team at New World Mortgage not only help clients with giving them the best rates, they treat my clients like family.
Scott Kato | Founder BRE# 01363148
Scott Kato | Founder BRE# 01363148 Kato-Group-Logo-250Long Beach, CA
As a standard level of quality service, I expect my lending partners to have competitive rates and terms, be professional, and always look for ways to exceed our clients’ expectations. Like us, Luz and her team are always trying to exceed their expectations so that we earn the right to their friends and families referrals.
Ronnie Flores
Ronnie FloresDowney, CA
Our experience with Luz was great. She was friendly and did not presure us. She made us feel very confortable. She was very helpful and was there for us to answer all our questions. She also has a great team working with her.

We are always excited to hear from our clients on how we can improve.

With many years of experience being in the mortgage industry, we have learned of the inner workings of the loaning system which makes the lives of our clients much easier. Let us be your expert on the journey of walking into that brand new home.

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